Husky Energy Endangered Species Program Wins Emerald Award

June 7, 2012

  Celebrating the Emerald Award are Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager, the Calgary Zoo's Head of Conservation Research: Husky Environmental Coordinator Carol Engstrom; Ken Zaba, Zoo Chief Financial Officer and Lois Garrett, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility.

Calgary, AB - The Calgary Zoo is proud to announce that the Husky Energy Endangered Species Program has been awarded an Emerald Award by the Alberta Emerald Foundation in the category of Not-for-profit Association. The 21st annual awards night was held June 6, 2012 in Calgary. The awards represent environmental leadership, scientific progress as well as youth engagement in saving species. The pivotal role the Husky Energy Endangered Species Program (HEESP) plays in recovering some of Western Canada's most endangered species and ecosystems truly exemplifies this vision.

Established through the Calgary Zoo's Centre for Conservation Research in 2003, the HEESP continues to provide solutions to some of Alberta's and our nation's most pressing conservation challenges.

Some of the milestones accomplished by the HEESP and it partners include:

  • The reintroduction of the black-footed ferret to Canadian soil in 2009 after a 70-year absence.
  • Over 800 burrowing owls reintroduced into the grasslands of B.C.
  • The advancement of the breeding program for the endangered whooping crane.
  • The recommended reclassification of the once-extirpated swift fox from a status of endangered to threatened (COSEWIC)
  • Nine years of northern leopard frog research in Alberta focusing on reintroduction and wild populations.
  • Research improving the breeding success of captive Vancouver Island marmots for reintroduction to the wild; the wild population had dropped to fewer than 40 wild animals globally and now has grown to approximately 300.

The Calgary Zoo's Head of Conservation Research, Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager, commented, "The challenges of recovering species are immense, not only in terms of preserving current populations, but also in restoring what has been lost. The significant advancements made by the HEESP can be credited to Husky Energy's long-term and generous financial commitment (2002-2016), a collaborative approach with stakeholders and partners, a foundation of excellent science and the dedication and passion of the program staff. This program is a role model for environmental leadership, scientific progress and youth engagement of which all Albertans and Canadians can be very proud. We are all very honoured to receive this recognition through the Emerald Awards."

"The Calgary Zoo's program is making a difference and producing positive results right here in our own backyard," said Husky CEO Asim Ghosh. "Husky Energy is proud to support the work the Zoo is doing with endangered species."

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