Husky works with local, national and global suppliers to ensure its operations have the right goods and services at the time they are needed. The Company selects suppliers which align with its safety and environmental standards.

New Suppliers

Husky evaluates potential suppliers to ensure compliance with its requirements.

To explore business opportunities with Husky, the New Supplier Submission form must be completed. Submitting this form does not qualify you to do business with Husky. Should Husky identify a need for further information or choose to pursue a business relationship, a Procurement representative will contact you directly.

By opening the document you confirm you have read and understand the above information regarding the New Supplier Submission Form >

Existing Suppliers

Suppliers with a valid contract/Purchase Order (PO) must follow Husky’s procurement processes to ensure business transactions are seamless and meet all requirements.

Supplier Invoicing

Husky uses a third-party application called Cortex to automate POs, service tickets, receipts and invoices.

Husky’s Procurement Service Centre Helpdesk coordinates the on-boarding process.



Service Tickets and Invoice Submission Methods


Once registered with a Cortex account, service tickets and invoices must be submitted electronically through this application.



If a credit invoice cannot be processed using Cortex, please submit to: .


Suppliers not registered on Cortex must submit invoices, in PDF format only, and the associated POs to: .

If an invoice does not have a PO, a Cost Object (e.g. Authorization of Expenditure (AFE), Cost Centre, Work Order, General Ledger Account) must be included and sent to: .

NOTE: Communication via email is not completely secure. The email and attached files can be intercepted, read or modified between the sender and intended recipient. Invoices and their backup documents that contain confidential information (such as credit card numbers) should not be submitted via email.


Suppliers not registered on Cortex or unable to submit invoices by email should submit invoices and any supporting materials to:

Husky Energy
Attention: AP-Workflow
707 8th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1H5

Procurement Support

For all Procurement related questions, please contact the Husky Supply Chain Helpdesk:


Surface Equipment Information Management

Suppliers are required to complete the Surface Equipment information Management (SEIM) form for all specified equipment sold to Husky.

SEIM Equipment Data Requirement Supplier instructions
SEIM Data Templates Document types and classes of equipment in scope

Submit inquiries regarding data collection requirements to:
SEIM Coordinator
707 8th Ave. SW
Box 6525 Station D
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 3G7
Fax: 403-298-6083

Note: Husky is not responsible for courier charges