Water Updates

Water Discharge from Site

The water on site used to fight the fire is being directed to the Refinery’s stormwater ponds and on-site wastewater treatment plant. Booms will continue to be used as a precautionary measure to help contain any unexpected discharge.

Husky, working closely with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), continues testing water quality on site and at several locations downstream of the refinery. Water samples collected post-incident, to date, are comparable to baseline samples collected before the incident under normal refinery operating conditions, with the exception of trace amounts of a chemical component found in firefighting foam collectively known as Perfluoroalkyl Sulfonate (PFAS). We are developing a treatment plan with WDNR, which may include the use of specialized treatment units, and will obtain WDNR’s approval before discharging water from the site.