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Husky Energy is responding to a produced water spill near our Rainbow Lake operations in northwestern Alberta

Nov. 12:
The spill remains contained and surveys show a considerable reduction of chlorides in the area. The site has been safely stood down and further cleanup is on hold until spring due to freezing and other winter conditions. We continue to work closely with the Alberta Energy Regulator and will be monitoring the site throughout the winter. Fencing to keep wildlife from the area will remain in place and the investigation to determine the cause of the incident is ongoing.

Nov. 2:
Cleanup is ongoing, and we continue to monitor and observe no impact to wildlife. Community/local observers will be on-site this week.

Oct. 30:
Cleanup and water recovery continues.

On Monday, Oct. 26, an operator conducting a daily inspection discovered a produced water release from a pipeline in the Rainbow Lake area in northwestern Alberta.

The six-inch pipeline, which runs from Husky's Rainbow facility to an injection well, was immediately shut in and government regulators were notified. The water is contained in the pipeline right-of-way and adjacent area of approximately 100 metres by 100 metres in muskeg, which is a mixture of water, peat moss and grass.

The preliminary estimate of 500 cubic metres has been revised to 900 cubic metres after further investigation and due diligence.

Cleanup began promptly using vacuum trucks to remove the produced water, which is recycled water to improve oil recovery. Preliminary testing and sampling determined an elevated saline content in the produced water, and no residual hydrogen sulphide has been detected by personal monitors on-site.

There have been no observed injury or impacts to people or wildlife, and fencing has been erected to keep wildlife from the area while cleanup is underway.

Rainbow Lake is approximately 140 kilometres west of High Level.

Husky's first priority is the safety of its people and neighbours, and the protection of the environment. We are working closely with regulators and will be undertaking a thorough investigation of this incident.


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