Husky Energy is responding to a produced water spill near our Rainbow Lake operations in northwestern Alberta


What happened?
On Oct. 26 an operator conducting a daily inspection discovered a produced water release from a line running between the Rainbow facility to an injection well. The line was immediately shut in, cleanup began promptly and is ongoing.

Was anyone injured?
There has been no observed injury to people.

Why has the volume estimate changed?
We made a preliminary estimate when the release was first discovered and shared it with the AER. After further investigation and due diligence we revised the number to 900 cubic metres.

Does oil in that area contain hydrogen sulphide (H2S)?
Preliminary testing and sampling determined an elevated saline content in the produced water. No residual hydrogen sulphide has been detected by personal monitors on-site.

Were any wildlife affected?
We have not observed any wildlife impacts and have put up fencing to prevent any wildlife from entering the area.

Where is Rainbow Lake?
The town of Rainbow Lake is about 140 kilometres west of High Level. This release occurred approximately 15 kilometres southeast of the town of Rainbow Lake.

What is produced water?
Produced water is non-drinkable water that is recycled to improve oil recovery.

Why does the produced water have elevated saline content?
Produced water has high salinity compared to shallow groundwater because it originates from deep underground. Over thousands to millions of years the water has dissolved minerals in rock, causing it to become highly saline.


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