Tender Your Shares

The Offer is open for acceptance until 5 p.m. Toronto time on Jan. 16, 2019. To be successful, the offer requires at least 66 2/3 percent of MEG shares to be tendered. Shareholders who do not take action and tender their shares risk forgoing the benefits of a combination with Husky and could realize a significant decline in the value of their standalone MEG shares.

You can deposit your MEG shares in one of the following ways:

Do you own shares through a bank, broker, online brokerage or employee plan?

You are a beneficial shareholder if you hold shares through a broker, bank or other intermediary. This includes most online brokerage accounts and may include employee stock ownership plans. Most shareholders fall into this category.

If you are a beneficial shareholder, to accept the Offer you should immediately contact your broker, bank or other intermediary for assistance. Your intermediary will be able to help you tender your shares into Husky's Offer.

Important: Many intermediaries have a cut-off time to tender that is before the expiry time of 5 p.m. Toronto time on Jan. 16, 2019. You must instruct your bank or broker promptly if you wish to tender.

Do you have a physical share certificate?

You are a registered shareholder if you hold a physical share certificate or DRS statement registered in your name.

If you are a registered shareholder, to accept and tender to the Offer you must:

  1. Complete and execute the Letter of Transmittal (It is the form on yellow paper in the package you received).
  2. Deposit the Letter of Transmittal and your certificate(s) or other evidence representing your MEG shares to the Depositary Agent, AST Trust Company Canada. They are located at the address specified in the Letter of Transmittal. This must arrive prior to 5 p.m. Toronto time on Jan. 16, 2019.

Important: If you wish to deposit your Common Shares under the Offer and the certificate(s) or other evidence representing such Common Shares are not immediately available, you can still validly deposit your Common Shares under the Offer by following the procedures for guaranteed delivery. Use the Notice of Guaranteed Delivery, which is printed on pink paper in the package you received.

Questions? Need help tendering your shares?
Contact our Information Agent: D.F. King
Toll free: 1-800-761-6707 or +1-212-771-1133 (outside North America)
Email: inquiries@dfking.com

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