Husky is aware that some job seekers are receiving fake employment offers from individuals or organizations posing as Husky. These individuals or organizations may ask for money, ID, passport information, or other personal information to further the recruitment process. Husky never asks for this.

If you receive an offer that you believe is a scam, please check the email address. Legitimate emails from Husky will always come from We will never ask you to contact us for employment through accounts like WhatsAPP, WeChat, Gmail. If you receive correspondence from an account that does not have, it is most likely fraudulent activity.

False recruiters often use a Gmail account or fake email addresses that are not associated with Husky but can look similar, for example, using a hyphen or adding or dropping a letter. False recruiters can also use fake social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsAPP etc.

Available job opportunities are on All job applications must be made through this portal.

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