Energy Conservation

Willesden Green Compressor Site

Minnedosa Ethanol Plant

As part of its commitment to reducing impacts to the environment, Husky works to minimize the amount of energy used in all of its operations.

The Company looks for ways to reduce consumption, reuse and recycle when possible, and investigates new technologies to achieve those goals.

Monitoring Compressors Minimizes Fuel Consumption

In 2012, the Company launched a pilot project that has minimized the amount of natural gas consumed at its compressor stations.

By using software and instrumentation to monitor compressors in its Western Canada Production areas, Husky was able to improve reliability and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Monitoring allows for timely and accurate reporting of emissions.

Reducing Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Husky has installed solar photovoltaic or thermal electric generation systems at remote facilities rather than use combustion engines, which traditionally were needed to provide on-site electricity, reducing fuel consumption and related emissions.