About This Report

This report focuses on performance for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2014, unless otherwise noted.

All financial data is reported in Canadian dollars, and excludes discontinued operations. Please refer to the 2014 Annual Report and other reporting documents at www.huskyenergy.com for detailed information on financial and operational performance.

Financial information is presented on a net equity basis. Quantitative information is presented on a gross operated basis, unless stated otherwise.

Monitoring and Measurement

Asset retirement obligation data, emissions to air and water, groundwater quality and greenhouse gas data are calculated and recorded as per Husky’s Environmental Performance Reporting System (EPRS).

Quantifiable data for operations is presented to meet or exceed regional jurisdictional and reporting requirements. Excluded data is footnoted.

Internal Governance and Verification

Husky’s health, safety and environment activities are guided by a committee of the Board of Directors and the Executive Health, Safety and Environment Committee (EHSEC).

The data in this report has been reported, reviewed and approved in accordance with internal measurement and verification practices, and reflects information relevant to Husky’s business sustainability and its shareholders.