The past few years have tested our industry. We have met this challenge by transforming the structure of Husky’s business and improving our resilience. You will see the results of these actions throughout this report.

We now have one of the best balance sheets in the industry. Our focus on higher return production has lowered our break-evens and improved margins. Our vitals are strong.

At Husky we don’t just look at the bottom line. Equally important to us is our focus on safety. In 2015 we achieved our lowest ever total recordable incident rate, through rigorous occupational safety programs and ongoing process safety improvements. However, we know the work to keep our people, the public and the environment safe is never complete.

In July 2016 we were given a stark reminder as we responded to a pipeline release in Saskatchewan. We took full responsibility and worked closely with communities, First Nations and the province to complete the cleanup. A full and thorough investigation was undertaken and we will use everything we learn from this to further improve our operations and response.

We remain committed to the communities where we operate and are equally committed to looking for ways to further lighten our footprint.

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Rob Peabody

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