Pipeline Integrity

Husky monitors and manages 30,000 kilometres of pipelines from the design and construction phase through to operation, maintenance and ultimately suspension and abandonment.

Its Pipeline Integrity Management Program focuses on the lifecycle of all Husky pipelines. The program uses a proactive approach to operations and maintenance, factoring in the diverse profile of the Company's pipelines.

With the goal of improved integrity and a reduced incident rate, the program includes inspections, corrosion prevention, leak detection and risk assessments with accelerated levels of response. Those range from a quantitative risk assessment on an as-needed basis, to a baseline assessment conducted every five years, to an annual consequence-based assessment.

The Company's pipeline incident rate has been declining since 2011.

Delivering Results: Husky continues to make progress in its efforts to minimize impacts to land and habitat, air and water. Through a focus on pipeline integrity it continues to reduce the rate of pipeline incidents and the number of releases.