Spill Management

Husky works to minimize releases and spills, using a number of programs across its operations, including a pipeline integrity management program, emergency response plans and a spill response program.

In the event of a spill, the Company responds immediately, implementing containment and recovery plans while safeguarding workers, the public and the environment.

The number of reportable release incidents in 2015 and the volume of hydrocarbons released declined from the previous year. These reductions can be attributed in part to the Company’s focus on abandoning pipeline segments that had been isolated and no longer contained a flow of product, which meant they had a higher risk of erosion. More than 80 percent of hydrocarbons released were recovered within the first seven days following an incident. Additional volumes are remediated over the longer term.

The reduction in hydrocarbon volume can be partly attributed to fewer integrity-related events.

The volume of other fluids released in 2015 was comparable to the previous year, both of which are low in a historical context. This can be attributed in part to Husky’s focus on proactively managing pipelines and assets identified as high risk.