Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics are those which, in the view of management, affect Husky’s performance and long-term sustainability and/or inform investor assessments and decisions about us.

Our ESG assessment process includes internal interviews and considers information from investors, analysts and community members to determine our top ESG topics. These are prioritized by management and senior executives and approved by our ESG Steering Committee and Executive Health, Safety and Environment Committee. In 2018 we evaluated existing and emerging issues to confirm 12 priority topics, and in 2019 determined our priorities were best aligned and managed under nine topics. We combined occupational health and safety, asset integrity and reliability, and emergency preparedness and response into one topic, now called Safety & Operations Integrity. Energy use is managed within the topics of innovation and advanced technology given the opportunity to use innovation to drive improvements, business resilience given the direct link between energy use and costs, and air emissions management given the relationship between energy use and air emissions, including greenhouse gases.

Throughout this report you will find information on our programs supporting each of these priority topics, as well as information on our performance. Our performance data table provides quantitative information and is aligned with the voluntary sustainability reporting guidance developed by IPIECA, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Boundary & Approach

This report includes all our operated assets within our Integrated Corridor and Offshore businesses, which are detailed in the Economic section. We do not operate the Toledo Refinery, the onshore gas plant associated with our Liwan Gas Project, the BD Project in Indonesia nor the Terra Nova oil field in the Atlantic region.

Husky’s ESG Priority Topics

Topic Definition
Safety & Operations Integrity

Promote a safety culture through systems, processes and continued learning to prevent employee and contractor injuries and illnesses.

Design, maintain and operate facilities and assets focused on process safety and asset integrity to realize strong operational performance.

Prepare, plan and practice to respond effectively to incidents with worker and community safety and environmental protection as priorities.

Business Resilience Maintain strong financial discipline, with a focus on generating free cash flow and returns today, while investing in higher-margin growth opportunities.
Innovation & Advanced Technology Identify, evaluate and invest in technology advancements to improve environmental and financial performance.
Air Emissions Management, including GHGs Comply with regulations, and work to lower our emissions of pollutants.
Water Use & Availability Comply with regulations and explore innovative opportunities to responsibly reduce, recycle and re-use as much water as is economically feasible.
Land Use & Reclamation Manage land use through mitigation and restoration, and avoidance of disturbance.
Community & Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement Contribute positively to quality of life in communities where we operate by reducing impacts and creating benefits.
Talent Management & Culture of Inclusion Attract, develop and retain top talent and ensure an inclusive, diverse and respectful workplace.
Business Ethics & Transparency Obey the law, report accurately to investors and stakeholders, and act ethically in accordance with the principles of good governance.


Sustainable Goals

Husky’s Commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In evaluating our priority topics we highlight actions that make a contribution towards achieving the UN SDGs. We have programs that support the goals, using an SDG symbol in this report to indicate where they align.