16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Our practices and policies recognize Indigenous rights and reconciliation, including the Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples embedded in Canada’s Constitution. We aim to work with Indigenous communities to build mutually beneficial relationships founded in respect, cooperation and economic inclusion. This is reinforced through our leadership and is included in our agreements, policies and procedures.

In 2018 we engaged with local Indigenous communities on 67 projects.

Economic Inclusion

Our focus on building capacity in Indigenous businesses establishes competitiveness and develops entrepreneurs. Opportunities are created to provide goods and services on a competitive basis, with contracts awarded on technical and safety criteria, as well as price.

We are expanding how Indigenous businesses can access work and take advantage of economic inclusion opportunities, developing a wider network of both vendors and employees. Starting in Saskatchewan, we are also connecting our non-Indigenous suppliers with potential employees.

In 2018 we hosted a job fair for Saulteaux First Nation and Moosomin First Nation, and attended a career session for the Dene Thá. We continue to develop strategic partnerships to provide goods and services, bringing on more than 40 new partners and signing contracts worth about $30 million with Indigenous vendors in 2018.

We are including language in our bid evaluations that makes sure Indigenous economic inclusion is fully considered. We work to add Indigenous suppliers into our supply chain in the areas where we operate. These include:

  • Engaging local Indigenous businesses as part of the 2018 North Saskatchewan River shoreline assessment.
  • Working with Sahtu Nation vendors on our asset retirement project in the Northwest Territories.
  • Including businesses from most local Indigenous communities in the Sunrise Energy Project supply chain.
4: Quality Education



We support long-term academic success for Indigenous students through funding, scholarships, mentoring, summer employment and apprenticeship positions resulting in potential career opportunities. We believe academic options can lead to additional career choices, positively affecting students and their communities.

Scholarships are awarded on academic merit, community and cultural involvement and work experience. Peer support is available through Husky’s Indigenous Community Sharing Circle.

Husky provided computers, laptops and printers to Indigenous community schools in areas where we operate.

Community Involvement

We strive to be a good neighbour and that means moving beyond day-to-day business to become involved in communities and supporting community wellness initiatives. There is value in promoting mutual understanding and respect through the sharing of cultures. Our management and employees are encouraged to participate and support, where appropriate, community events. In 2018 this included:

  • Thunderchild First Nation Annual Pow Wow.
  • Fort McKay Treaty Days.
  • Saulteaux First Nation Treaty Days.
  • Thunderchild First Nation Treaty Days.

Developing Indigenous Leadership

Strong communities depend on strong leadership. The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity offers Indigenous leaders programs that support the development, planning and strategic implementation of their vision for their community, and teach negotiation skills, how to set strategic direction, measure performance and establish economic ventures. We help leaders in the communities where we operate access these programs, providing support for tuition, meals and accommodations.

Support for Pipeline Access

Husky joined a delegation of Indigenous leaders to meet with federal leaders and the Senate to discuss the benefits of pipeline access for Alberta production.