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Corporate Citizenship


  • Renewal of Corporate Citizenship program with four priority areas
  • Priorities aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Donations above $10,000 require audited or reviewed financial statements from partners
  • $3.6 million in donations


Our Corporate Citizenship program is strategic, collectively taking action and adopting approaches that align business interests with community needs to deliver shared value. We maximize our impact by focusing our efforts and resources on key social and environmental issues, aligned with Husky’s broader business goals and commitment to responsibly produce the energy the world needs.

Our approach is comprehensive: mobilizing our funds, assets and people to spark meaningful and lasting change in the communities where we live and work. We’re tackling key social, economic and environmental issues by:

  • Strategically investing cash donations and in-kind contributions, sponsoring events aligned with our priorities and formingkey partnerships.
  • Driving impact on key issues in priority areas:
    • Education and Skills – increasing access to knowledge, skills and education for Indigenous Peoples, women and youth to help prepare them for the energy sector jobs of today and tomorrow.
    • Environment and Sustainability – supporting local and regional initiatives to reduce environmental footprints and drive innovative solutions to create a substainable and vibrant planet.
    • Safety and Resilience – providing the training, tools and on-the-ground supports needed to enhance readiness, respond to challenges and build healthy, safe, resilient communities.
    • Community Priorities – supporting priority initiatives that meet critical needs and contribute to local economic or social prosperity.
  • Activating our core business assets to benefit communities.
  • Collaborating with cross-sector partners to achieve greater impact.
  • Harnessing and mobilizing our team’s passions, skills and expertise.

In 2019 we conducted a full review of our citizenship strategy and donations portfolio, defining a more effective approach to harness resources and capabilities. We conducted community perception surveys in larger markets where we operate, to develop and inform regional community engagement plans.

To increase transparency about the impact of our investments and demonstrate continuous improvement of our measurement and evaluation practices, in 2020 we will develop criteria for our priority areas and gather data from our major partners.

Policies, Practices and Governance

Husky works with charitable and not-for-profit organizations and other partners that share our goal of making a difference in the communities where we operate. We follow a rigorous evaluation process to ensure our funds are allocated responsibly, requiring all partners who request donations of more than $10,000 to provide audited or reviewed financial statements. Detailed guidelines on how we select the organizations we support are available at www.huskyenergy.com.

Our Community Investment Policy outlines the rules, guidelines and strategy to ensure our investments align with Husky’s principles and reflect our priority areas and issues. The policy is reviewed and approved by Husky’s senior leadership team and supported by local corporate citizenship representatives in the areas where we operate.

Aligning Our Priorities to the UN SDGs


Husky has strategically aligned our corporate citizenship efforts to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing us with a global reporting standard and framework.


The most valuable asset of any company is its people, and central to our approach is creating opportunities for employees to get involved as individuals and as part of a team. Through our strategic review we re-designed our employee giving program, making it easier to inspire employees to act and elevate their impact.


Launched in early 2020, HuskyGives allows employees to contribute their expertise and passion to issues they care about and to the Company’s priorities. Enabled by a digital platform, this more flexible and accessible program supports employees in:

  • Volunteering their time and skills as individuals and on a team.
  • Being recognized and rewarded for their volunteerism.
  • Enhancing their giving through a corporate matching program (Canada only).

Performance Metrics

Performance 2019 2018
Cash donations $2,781,359 $4,173,034
In-kind donations $64,102 $328,300
Community sponsorships $766,149 N/A*
Total $3,611,610 $4,501,335
Employee Program 2019 2018
Donations raised by employees $262,913** $669,247
Corporate contribution to support employee campaign and volunteer programs $489,748*** $942,053
Employee hours volunteered (#) 13,610 12,000
Employee individual grants (#) 240 234

Investment by Region $ CDN

Investment by Priority Area $ CDN

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