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  • ESG strategy section with detail on how topics are prioritized and the strategy is governed.
  • A 25% reduction in emissions intensity by 2025 climate target, and information about our use of scenario analysis and alignment with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.
  • We aspire to achieve net zero emissions from the energy we produce by 2050.
  • A 25% gender diversity target for women in senior executive roles and a closer look at Husky’s approach to diversity.
  • A direct link between ESG and compensation, including safety and carbon management.
  • Government relations and Indigenous relations policies.
  • Renewal of community investments, now under the banner of Corporate Citizenship.
  • Expanded section on lobbying, including positions on key issues.
  • Additional details on specific activities that align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Our Key Performance Data table indicates where metrics align with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the targets identified under each United Nations SDG.
UN SDG Innovation highlights can be found throughout the document, indicated by a lightbulb icon.
UN SDG Alignment with the United Nations SDGs is indicated with the appropriate SDG icon.

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