Husky delivers, in a safe and responsible manner, the essential energy products the world needs today. The gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and petrochemical feedstocks we produce every day are vital to the way we live.

As supplies of renewable energy grow, demand for oil and natural gas is also set to rise, driven by global population growth and by more people joining the middle class.

In Canada, oil and gas development creates jobs, drives technological advancements and contributes to government revenues. Husky contributes to the economies of the communities where we operate through good jobs, community investment, purchasing goods and services, and paying taxes and royalties that help fund health, education and other services and we do this while continuously returning value to our shareholders.

A resilient Husky, viable over the long term, benefits all our stakeholders many of whom are increasingly interested in our ability to compete in this challenging world, while applying a high standard to safety, environmental and social performance.

We have spent many years building programs to deliver safe and reliable operations. Our goal is to operate safely, always. Safety, and asset integrity and reliability, are at the core of our operations and must underpin everything we do. However, in 2017 we had a near-miss offshore Newfoundland and Labrador and earlier this year we had a fire at our refinery in Superior, Wisconsin. These incidents are simply unacceptable. Investigations are underway to determine cause and we will learn from them to ensure it cannot happen again.

Central to accountability on safety, as well as environmental, social and governance issues, is performance transparency. As such, in 2017 we began developing an environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy to increase Husky’s transparency, prioritize topics and further assess risks we believe have the most impact on our long-term sustainability and success. Under this strategy, we aim to provide increased disclosure and reporting on topics and issues facing the company, the industry and the communities where we do business.

While Husky has undertaken risk assessments and reported selected ESG data for many years, for the first time we are bringing these processes together formally. Our approach to priority topics, as well as our performance, are covered in this report.

We will illustrate how we’re doing through numbers and tell you more about the ways we’re striving to improve our performance in key environmental, social and governance areas, including safety. Some initiatives we report on are underway, such as investments in energy efficiency; other initiatives are new, such as the diluent reduction technology we’re piloting at Sunrise. Technology is vital to improving our competitiveness as a company and to reducing our impact on the environment.

Behind all the numbers are our people, who drive our performance and innovation. By encouraging a culture of inclusion we create a supportive and more vibrant workplace.

A strong commitment to safety, our communities and environmental stewardship benefits our long-term economic performance. We deliver essential energy products to make people’s lives better, and we continue to be equally invested in our role as a responsible and ethical employer, neighbour, customer, taxpayer, innovator and environmental steward.

Rob Peabody
Rob Peabody