Husky Achieves Production Milestone in Atlantic Region

Topsides Prepared for second quarter floatout.
Husky recently produced the 200 millionth barrel of oil from the White Rose Area. Husky now expects to produce that amount again, from this Area.

Husky Energy’s Atlantic Region produced the 200 millionth barrel of oil from the White Rose Area in February.

“We have not reached this milestone by chance,” says Malcolm Maclean, Senior Vice President of the Atlantic Region, citing the pride and performance of our staff/contractors and our commitment to safety and efficiency.

The milestone underscores the significant contribution of White Rose, which was sanctioned based on a recoverable resource estimate of just over 200 million barrels. Husky now expects to produce that amount again from this area.

“We have proven our ability to execute these projects safely and efficiently,” says Malcolm.

Husky is the operator and majority owner in the White Rose oil field and satellite expansions, which include North Amethyst, West White Rose and the South White Rose extension. These fields are located on the eastern margin of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, approximately 350 kilometres east of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, in a water depth of 120 metres.

The Atlantic Region is one of Husky’s growth pillars and comprises a diverse portfolio of near, medium and long-term opportunities, many of which are located near existing infrastructure. The Region provides Husky with high netbacks and work is progressing to identify innovative ways to further develop its significant resource.