Saskatchewan Produced Water
July 23, 2018

On July 18, a produced water release was detected on a line that runs between a Husky water handling facility and a disposal well in a rural area west of Turtleford. The release occurred about 500 metres from the Englishman River, and produced water - salt water that has undergone treatment - entered the river. Results from water sampling have indicated no hydrocarbon impacts to the river, and environmental testing and monitoring continues. All laboratory testing to date on the Englishman River indicates salinity results are meeting Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Guidelines.

The release has been isolated, preventative measures are in place and cleanup work is underway. There has been an impact to vegetation in the area of the spill primarily due to the salinity of the water. The company is working with the landowner to address concerns related to the removal of impacted soil and to develop a plan to remediate the affected area.

Nearby municipalities, First Nations and Indigenous groups have been notified. Husky will continue to work closely with regulators and the landowner as work continues. More information will be posted to this site as it becomes available.

July 30, 2018 Update

Remediation work at the site of the produced water release continues and the Company is working closely with the landowner. The section of pipe which experienced the breach has been excavated and examined.

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) analysis of the line indicates that the leak occurred on July 12 and was ongoing until detected on July 18. The pipe transported an average volume of 814 cubic metres per day of produced water.

  • Based on an analysis of pressure rates, combined with the size of the break in the 4-inch line (about the size of a quarter), the estimated release volume is 2,834 cubic metres.

A detailed monitoring program of the Englishman River is continuing and to date, no hydrocarbon impacts have been detected in the river. All water quality results have been consistent with water quality upstream of the release site. While no impacts to the river have been detected, there has been substantial impact to the land and vegetation in the area of the salt water release. Impacted soil will be removed and replaced with clean fill.

A laboratory analysis of the produced water that was released has been conducted. The analysis shows the water contains higher concentrations of sodium (Na) and chlorides (Cl), which is common with produced water in this region, and is expected. The analysis shows trace amounts of hydrocarbons.

The laboratory analysis of the produced water can be viewed here: