Funding Guidelines

Husky supports the communities where it operates, determining where the need is greatest and how it fits with Husky’s objectives.

Husky is not able to support every organization that submits a funding request. When considering requests, a number of factors are considered:

  • Is the funding request from a registered charity or non profit
  • Does Husky have operations in the area, beyond a retail station
  • Does the request align with a business objective
  • Does the program support a wide cross-section of the community
  • Can the impact of support be measured

Requests are also evaluated on whether they fit into the Company’s three funding categories:

Husky does not provide support for:

  • Advertising, film and videos
  • Camps and conferences
  • Capital campaigns (unless a special circumstance)
  • Government lobbyist activity
  • Individual pursuits
  • International causes (unless recommended by one of its international offices)
  • Membership organizations and private schools
  • Non-registered charities
  • Solicitation activity/mass mailings, etc.
  • Sports (including golf and rodeo)
  • Trips and tours
  • Third-party fundraising
  • Tournaments
  • Religious organizations (except when they represent non-denominational community and social support, such as the Salvation Army, food banks, etc.)

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