Husky provides water stewardship and security through responsible management and the identification of risks. The availability, reliability and technical feasibility of water alternatives are considered, along with environmental, regulatory and economic impacts. The Company details its water risk management approach and metrics in annual submissions to the CDP Water Program.

It is a member of the Water Technology Development Centre, which is developing technologies to reduce water and energy use for thermal operations at its Sunrise Energy Project.

Data collected through Husky’s Environmental Performance Reporting System aids in identifying and prioritizing opportunities to recycle and reduce fresh water in operations.

  • The Tucker Thermal Project recycles produced water recovered from thermal wells for reuse in steam generation, and sources makeup water from a deep, brackish groundwater aquifer.
  • The Sunrise Energy Project generates steam for thermal operations using a combination of recycled produced water, process affected water (non-saline industrial wastewater) from a neighbouring operator, and non-potable groundwater from an aquifer that is actively being dewatered at a neighbouring mine site. These sources were selected following a detailed risk assessment process.

Husky follows all regulations to ensure fresh surface water and groundwater are protected. Guidelines include:

  • Offsetting wells, pipelines, and facilities from fresh surface water bodies and domestic water wells
  • Isolating fresh groundwater aquifers from resource exploration, extraction, and disposal activities
  • Testing baseline domestic water wells
  • Using downhole offsets for completions operations to ensure isolation from fresh groundwater aquifers, with specific risk mitigation for hydraulic fracturing
  • Monitoring fresh groundwater aquifers and wetlands at major operating facilities
  • Monitoring assets that cross fish bearing streams to ensure passage is not restricted and fish can access key habitat
  • Following water discharge criteria for onshore and offshore facilities
  • Appropriate fluid transport, handling, and storage

Regulations guide aspects of fresh water source selection and management, and water withdrawals are further governed by local watershed and/or industry water management plans.

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