On April 26, 2018 a fire occurred at the Superior Refinery, causing injuries to workers and, at the direction of public officials managing the emergency response, the evacuation of residents from an area around the site. Work to secure the site, as well as investigations into the cause, are ongoing.

We donít expect to resume normal operations until the spring/summer of 2020. We do not anticipate any layoffs as we will require a sizeable workforce of both employees and contractors to rebuild.

A Residentsí Line to assist with insurance claims is available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 1-855-527-5002.

We appreciate the support of the Superior-Duluth community and thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

The Superior Refinery may be new to the Husky family, but itís been an integral part of the Superior area for more than 60 years. Husky remains committed to our employees and the community. We intend to rebuild and operate again.

Please check here for information and updates.


Husky Superior Refinery