Operational Integrity

Lloydminster Ethanol Plant

Lloydminster Ethanol Plant

Purpose and Progress

Operational integrity involves conducting all activities safely and reliably to provide for efficient, consistent performance.

By identifying and eliminating or mitigating potential hazards and risks, the public is better protected, potential impacts to the environment are minimized, the health and well-being of employees is safeguarded and Company assets are sheltered from damage and loss.

Husky updated its HOIMS training in 2012 with the message: “Keep Safety In Sight.” The safety campaign focused on further engaging employees with HOIMS to foster an environment where safety is everyone’s responsibility.

HOIMS and operational integrity were further embedded across the Company’s operations in 2012 through a variety of projects and programs.

Operations Integrity (OI) University

Husky has taken specific steps towards improving operational excellence by establishing a series of Operations Integrity (OI) University training courses for its employees.

Last year, 250 staff members attended OI University courses that focused on the requirements for proper process hazard assessment.

Sunrise Operational Readiness

Sunrise Energy Project

Sunrise Energy Project

HOIMS is integral to the development, construction and operation of the Sunrise Energy Project in northern Alberta.

The Sunrise Operations Readiness Plan is a structured approach to developing and executing specific activities during Sunrise Phase 1, with a focus on ensuring the asset’s operability, reliability and maintainability. It aligns with HOIMS Element #12, which addresses the design, construction, commission, operation and decommissioning of all assets in a safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient manner.

The goal is a seamless transition to production operations at Sunrise that is expected to translate into a safe and reliable startup.

Execution of Capital Programs

Husky's operational integrity performance is supported by the Company's focus on embedding quality assurance principles in project and operations management. Planning, procuring, engineering, construction, operations and decommissioning all work to a documented plan that can be repeated. The Company measures its performance and reviews its processes and procedures to drive continuous improvement. How it plans, implements and delivers projects is important to its business.

Project Management and Delivery

Husky’s Project Delivery Model provides a consistent approach to developing and implementing projects across the Company. Technical professionals and construction specialists provide subject matter expertise for project development and operations teams to deliver on projects.

Delivering Results: Operational integrity is fundamental to Husky’s business and it continues to drive improvement through consistent process safety and performance assessment.