Aboriginal Engagement

Students participating in Husky’s Aboriginal mentorship program

Students participating in Husky’s Aboriginal mentorship program

Purpose and Progress

Husky respects the inherent constitutional rights of Canada’s Aboriginal people. The Company’s relationships with Aboriginal communities are built on cooperation, transparency and consultation to further mutual interests.

Formal community-based agreements are in place to ensure the Company has the processes and resources to facilitate business development, employment and community investment. Early consultation takes place in the first stages of project planning to acknowledge Aboriginal rights, and may include traditional land use studies and interviews with Elders.


Academic options can lead to additional career choices and Husky has a program to enhance the opportunities available to Aboriginal youth.

The Company awards scholarships to Aboriginal students pursuing post-secondary education related to careers in the oil and gas sector. Since the program began, more than 110 students have received scholarships covering each year of their studies. Scholarships are based on academic achievement, work experience and community involvement. Students awarded scholarships are able to gain work experience through summer employment and co-op positions, where they are paired with mentors sharing technical knowledge and offering career guidance. They are provided with an opportunity to participate in Husky’s Aboriginal Community Network.

In 2015, four students were placed at the Company’s head office to gain experience in various areas, including finance, information services, regulatory affairs and business development.

Culture and Community

Husky participated in community events throughout Western Canada and in the Northwest Territories, including a donation to provide interpretive signs for the Prince George trail system in the Lheidle T’enneh language and continued support for the hot breakfast program at Chief Albert Wright School in Tulita, NWT.

Economic Development

A keen focus is placed on building capacity in Aboriginal businesses to establish competitiveness and develop entrepreneurs. Opportunities are created for goods and services to be provided on a competitive basis, with the contracts awarded based on technical and safety criteria, as well as pricing.

Husky’s procurement strategy provides for the participation of Aboriginal businesses with capacity to bid on work for operations located near their communities. In 2015, contracts worth more than $56 million were signed with Aboriginal vendors. More than 50 businesses provided services, including camps and catering, janitorial services, road construction and maintenance, pipeline construction, medical and first aid, environmental services and water hauling.

To further support its efforts to foster economic development with Aboriginal partners, the Company is a member of the Circle for Aboriginal Relations (CFAR) Society.

Delivering Results: Husky continues to develop mutually beneficial business opportunities with its Aboriginal partners.